16mm Sniper-Pro HD-Upgrade Instructions
-( HD mode )-

The following instructions are for the Sniper-16 Pro that has been upgraded to HD and is being used in the HD mode. If you are not using your Sniper-16 Pro upgrade for HD, then click HERE for the SD set up instructions.

For Velocity-HD software instructions, as well as the connections
and set up for BlackMagic, please click HERE.

Please read carefully before attempting to use your unit.

NOTE: Do not plug in unit until directed by instructions.
If you are an international customer with 50 cycle, 220VAC power,
you will need a basic stepping transformer that outputs 110-120VAC.


Remove the tape holding the two cradle pivot screws.

Mount the camera to the pivot and gently, but firmly, tighten the pivot screws on both sides.


Note: The screws should be tight enough to prevent side
to side movement in the cradle but should not bind.

Plug in the camera power cable.

Plug in the provided video RGB component cable.

Plug in provided RCA audio cables to back of unit.

Attach the audio sync cables and Component cables
to your Intensity Pro or Decklink input harness as shown.
Attach input harness to computer.

Plug unit into power.
If you are an international customer with 50 cycle, 220-240VAC power,
you will need a basic stepping transformer that outputs 110-120VAC at 250 watts.

Turn on the power.

The camera is shipped in the "power on" mode but
may have been turned off during packaging. If you do
not hear the camera power up, just turn it on and leave it on.
It will power up automatically when you turn on the unit
in the future.

NOTE: The camera has been pre-set internally for optimum
results. Please do not remove the black control guard and
make adjustments to the camera. Also, please do not attempt
to remove the camera from the mount nor remove the lens
from the camera. This camera should not be used for recording
to tape and the eject button should never be operated.

Doing any of the above may void your warranty or incur
additional fees to re-establish settings.


Clean gate and then load film as shown.
Note the path of the film.

Close the gate by turning the control knob to play.

Seat the film by turning the motor switch on and off briefly.

Launch the Velocity-HD software and follow the instructions
for appropriate settings for your computer.

Once the software is launched, you should see an image in the capture window.

For Velocity-HD instructions, click HERE.

Watch the Velocity monitor and adjust the
camera side to side by loosening the mounting screws.
Leave loose until camera is aligned then tighten securely.

To adjust focus, use side roller on the camera.

To change the cropping of the image, use the zoom
control on top of the camera.

Use the black tilt knob at the back of the camera to change vertical framing.

Turn the sync on and leave it on.
The sync can be turned off during transfer momentarily
if there are parts of a reel that you want to skip.
Anywhere in the reel that the sync is turned off
will be left out of the final file.

Start your transfer by turning on the motor first.
You should hear a repeating pulse from your computer speakers.
Then click the start button on the Velocity software.
Stop your transfer by clicking the stop button on Velocity
followed by turning off the motor button.
It is best to do it in this order each time.

After transfer, process your file(s) using Velocity-HD and
inspect the transfer to make sure that the image
is clear and free of artifacts such as pulldown blur
and that the image is sharp and level.

For Velocity-HD instructions, click HERE.

Manual Exposure Control


In the manual mode, you can make changes using the provided remote.

NOTE: The internal default mode for the camera is always auto-exposure. Adjusting the remote will make fine adjustments in the overall brightness and contrast of the picture but the camera will still be operating in the auto mode. For greater control, you can put the camera temporarily in a manual exposure lock as follows:

Gently press in on the joy stick ONE TIME ONLY.

This will reveal a control icon in the lower right hand corner of the camera control panel.
(For earlier HD units without this panel, look in the viewfinder of the camera)

Next, gently press down on the joy stick ONE TIME ONLY.

This will put the camera in the manual exposure mode.


Next, gently press up on the joy stick ONE TIME ONLY.


This will allow access to the camera's manual exposure settings.


You can then use the joy stick for a fine adjustment of the overall exposure and/or use the remote for a more coarse exposure control.

To reset the camera to full auto, just turn off the power to the Sniper or to the camera and then turn back on. It will automatically reset to all auto operation. Do not attempt to use the camera controls to reset to auto. Just turn the unit off and then back on to regain auto exposure capability.

Adjusting the white balance.

There may be times that it is necessary to adjust the white balance on the camera. For regular home movies, it is best to just white balance to the empty gate of the projector.

Gently press the function button ONE TIME ONLY.

This will reveal camera preference icons on the left and bottom of the control panel.

Next, press down on the joy stick ONE TIME ONLY.

This will put the camera cursor onto the icon for manual white balance.

Press the joy stick to reset the white balance.
Hold for about 2 seconds and then release.


Press the function button ONE TIME ONLY to lock the white balance into place.
The camera will hold this white balance even after being turned off.

Transferring Color Negative

Insert some color negative into the gate and then follow the above white balance procedure.
Transfer your film in the silent mode.
Process with the "NEGATIVE" option in the settings tab.

IMPORTANT: Always reset your white balance to an empty gate after transferring color negative. Otherwise, your next home movie transfer will come out very very BLUE!!!!


If you have any questions regarding set up or operation of this unit,
please feel free to call me at 830-966-4664. We have an operator on call
24 hours a day and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Or email me at moviestuff_tek@swtexas.net.

Roger Evans