RetroSync Sound Module Support Page

For RetroSync software/hardware instructions, please click HERE.

To purchase the RetroSync registration key, please click HERE.

There are two versions of this software you can download below and the registration key works for both. Also, both operate exactly the same. However, one records and outputs audio at a sample rate of 44.1khz and the other at 48khz. The reason for two versions is that Microsoft has recently made changes in what Windows expects in the way of incoming audio. Some older versions will expect 44.1khz and some newer versions will expect 48khz. Also, some edit programs mandate 44.1khz and some 48khz. If your version of Windows expects 44.1khz and you install the 48khz version of the software, you won't hurt anything but Windows will not show the capture device in the RetroSync software's drop down menu. The same if your version of Windows expects 48khz and you install the 44.1khz version of the RetroSync software. So it is okay to download both, if needed, and use the version that works with your current system. As an alternative, if you are tech-savy, you can also go into your Windows sound control panel and make sure your system is set to either 16 bit, two channel 44.1khz or 16 bit, two channel 48khz, depending on the version you choose.

Which is better?

Well, human hearing is limited to 20khz so, realistically, relative to recording the audio from any type of old home movie, you will never hear the difference in quality between the two choices. This is merely a technical compatibility issue so just use which ever version is the easiest fit for your system.

For the 48khz version of RetroSync, click HERE.

For the 44.1khz version of RetroSync, click HERE.

If you have questions, please email
or call Roger Evans at 830-966-4664.