Universal Scanner and RetroSync Sound Module PC Specs
In general, we have worked very hard to make this unit compatible with most any, off the shelf 64 bit laptop or desktop PC with an Intel processor. As such, there is no need to have a custom PC built for this unit and, in fact, we advise against it as we have found a lack of standardization in their construction can cause issues. Therefore, we provide limited support for custom built or home built PCs. If they work, you are in great shape and we can answer general operational questions related to PC use. But, if you have a problem with your custom built or home built PC, we would not be able to help you debug your system. While most any brand of quality, off the shelf PC will work, it is currently recommended to avoid Lenovo brand PCs as too much malware has been reported by customers. Also, we have no means to support use of this product on a Mac. However, we have a number of customers using this on a Mac running Windows with no reported problems. Files produced are totally compatible with a Mac for editing.

Required Software for Scanners : RetroScan M-II Universal software ($199.95 USD)
Sold separately and available only to MovieStuff Universal customers
via a purchase link in the instructions. It is an instant download.

Required Software for RetroSync Studio Sound Modules: RetroSync software ($80.00 USD)

Sold separately and available only to MovieStuff Universal customers
via a purchase link in the instructions. It is an instant download.

USB 3 (cable included)
NOTE: Host PC MUST have an up to date USB3 port.
This product will not work on a USB2 port nor older USB3 ports with out of date drivers.

System Requirements
Approximately 3.1 GHz or faster Intel i5 or i7 CPU (no AMD)
PC with any 64 bit version of Windows 7, 8 or 10.
You will need a full 8 gigs of RAM for optimal performance of this unit.

Hard Drive(s)
You can record up to 1080p compressed on your C drive with no problem.
If you are going to do larger files, you might want to add a separate internal drive.
Do not record to external USB drives or you will likely drop frames. You can export to external drives.
NOTE: If you are planning on doing full 2K or uncompressed, you will want to capture
to a desktop with an internal RAID-0 drive array for faster speed and higher volume.
At this point, we do not suggest using solid state drives as we have found their
performance for this application to be somewhat spotty.

The unit has a universal external switching power supply
that can run on 100-256 VAC at 50 or 60 cycles.
Do NOT use a transformer with this product.
Do not use a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) with this product.

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