How the MovieStuff Mark-II System Scans Codec Free

The Mark-II does not scan to a video file like most conventional scanners. Video files require codecs which can degrade the overall image quality due to compression. Instead, the Mark-II scans Codec Free as a numbered image sequence. This means that each frame of film is scanned to individual, high resolution, Photoshop quality digital still frames that are stored in a proprietary file within the software. These frames can be either mildly compressed as JPEGs or as uncompressed Bitmap files. The software will then play back those frames fast enough to see motion so that you can check your scan. When you complete scanning at the end of the day, you can then tell the software how you want those frames to be exported overnight. They can be turned into video files or you can maintain the numbered image sequence as JPG, PNG, BMP or TIF. Most high end edit platforms like Premiere will import numbered image sequences readily, thereby preserving maximum quality until your are ready to export from your edit timeline.