Get new UV LEDs for FREE!
Starting in August of 2017, all gates for the Universal now come equipped with UV LED emitters as standard. Through extensive testing with a variety of LEDs, we found that this particular UV LED has difficulty penetrating various types of plastics. As such, they are ideal for use on the RetroPro or Universal scanners where film sometimes has a clear edge or patches of light areas. The UV LEDs make dialing in the sensor knob much easier and results in an overall steadier picture. If you have a RetroPro or Universal unit with the old style blue LEDs in the sensor block, we will be happy to send you new UV LEDs for free. They are easy to install and all you need is a phillips and a flat blade screw driver. Instructions for installation can be found HERE.

Just send us an email to

In your email, you MUST include the following information:

1) The number of RetroPro or Universal gates you have

2) The name you ordered your unit under

3) Your preferred physical shipping address (No PO box)

4) Your daytime phone number

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