Useful Links and Resources
Below are a variety of websites offering everything
from forums to supplies to film transfer services.
If you find a link you think should be added, please
be sure to email me and I'll look at adding it!

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Perry Movie Transfers
Terrific resource if you can't afford a Universal
but want the same quality. Call Annette about
your transfer needs and she'll do a great job.
Reels, film cleaner, rewinds, splicers, etc.

Edmund Optics
Handy supplier of quality optics and lens tubes
for the Universal or just experimentation.
Originally Super8Sound back in Cambridge, Mass,
Pro8mm now provides a variety of professional
camera and scanning packages for the serious
Super 8 film maker. Call and ask for Phil.

eBay search for film reels
Auctions/Buy it Now for used film reels.

eBay search for old home movies
Auctions/Buy it Now for old movies.
Useful for testing  or making samples.

eBay search for film leader
Auctions/Buy it Now for various gauges of film leader.
Useful for tagging onto reels with no or short leader.

eBay search for film cleaner
Auctions/Buy it Now for various film cleaning liquid.

B & H Photo Reflecta film scanner
Low cost, S8 only consumer grade film scanner.
Won't produce professional scans but popular with
people wanting to do it themselves on a budget.

B & H Photo Wolverine film scanner
Super cheap, consumer grade film scanner.
Less expensive but handles both S8 and R8.

Also won't produce professional scans but popular
with people wanting to do it themselves on a budget.
Forum for film makers of all gauges though most
of the discussions revolve around Super 8 and 8mm.
Very friendly with lots of advice at the ready from
experienced film makers of all ages.
Multiple forums available for beginners to experts.
This is a great site but you might have to dig a bit
to find exactly the right channel for your taste.

Below is stuff that interests me.

UltraCool vintage clothing and oddities run by a tragically
hip young woman named Elle Bobrowski. She has a great
eye for the good stuff. Give her a visit.

Wombok Forest
A feature length stop motion saga.
Stunningly beautiful work by a lovely couple,
Julie Pitts and Miles Blow. Check it out!

Matthias Wandel
Whack of a guy that makes all kinds of
interesting stuff. Woodworking, electronics,
art, musical instruments. Very cool.

Jim Danforth, Special Effects Master
Here you can order CDs of his three part autobiography.
A two time Academy Awards nominee, Jim is a master
craftsman, painter and all around special effects guru
ala the old days of Hollywood. A true genius, and his
autobiography is packed with pictures and lots of  behind
the scenes of classic fantasy movies he worked on.

The Works of Nick Hill Hilligoss, Stop Motion Magician
Nothing short of amazing. Watch his videos and see
what true artistry looks like. The guy's skill level
is incredible, not just the animation, but all his
miniature set pieces and character designs. Wow.

Lindsey Kustusch, Fine Artist
If I had half the talent of this young woman, I'd be
content for the rest of my life. As an artist, myself,
I don't give out compliments easily. But her work
is stunning, breathtaking and vibrant. Look at it.

Carol Wells, Chalk Artist / Animal Portraits
A lovely woman with a light touch for doing
portraits of people's pets and sidewalk art.
How can you resist?

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