Universal Block Brace Installation

For Universal units shipped prior to November 1, 2015 we have found that, under certain conditions, the bracket that supports the camera platform may vibrate up and down, which will result in unwanted side to side vibration of the image. The type of surface the scanner is sitting on can make a big difference on whether this occurs or not. Hollow tables or thin cabinet tops can increase the likelihood while solid desks and work surfaces decrease the likelihood. To eliminate the possibility for vibration on most any surface, we have since installed a block brace on all subsequent units. If you have an earlier unit and feel you need this brace, we are happy to send it to you for free and it is easy to install with simple tools using the instructions below. Just email us your preferred physical shipping address and the number of Universal Scanners that you have and we will ship the blocks immediately.

You can email us at moviestuff@swtexas.net

To install the brace blocks, please follow these steps.

To install the brace, you will need the following tools:
Flat blade screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Hex Wrench from accessory kit

For safest operation, remove the lens from the camera and then loosen the locking screw. Remove camera and set aside.

Use the hex wrench to loosen the holding bolt and remove the camera platform.

Use the flat blade screw driver to turn the top screw and pliers to hold the nut below. Remove short rail.
NOTE: The rubber on the bottom of the rail may stick to bracket but gently pull and it will come loose.

Use flat blade screwdriver to loosen holding screw and remove bracket.

Place plastic brace block in bracket and insert screw. Partly tighten screw and slide rail assembly onto screw as illustrated.

Tighten screw until rail is firmly held in place. Use hex wrench to attach assembly to column and tighten solid.

Installation of the brace block is complete.

To reassemble camera platform, reverse the order of previous steps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 830-966-4664
or email me at moviestuff@swtexas.net