Pixel Fix Instructions

The instructions have not yet been updated but there is no longer an auto pixel fix because we found that it would often miss dead pixels. With the new version of the software, you must do a short 30-60 second capture at full sensor resolution of footage that reveals the dead pixels you wish to fix. That footage will then be used to create your dead pixel guide to manually map the pixels you wish to fix. To do so, bring that footage into the software viewer and prepare your pixel guide images in one of two ways:

Method 1) Use the snapshot function of the viewer to export some frames that show the dead pixels clearly.

- OR -

Method 2) Export a full 2K or 4K 4:3 numbered image sequence that show the dead pixels clearly.

Then open the Pixel Fix utility on the software. While you can certainly use the traditional method of a single snapshot from the viewer as a guide to find the dead pixels, they are often easier to see if the background is moving since the problem pixel will be stationary relative to the moving background. The software allows you to bring in your numbered image sequence and will cycle through those sequential frames over and over while you hunt for and mark dead pixels. When the pixel fix utility asks you to choose your reference pic, you would simply highlight the first frame of that numbered image sequence in the export folder. The utility will then slowly cycle through the frames over and over automatically while you look for dead pixels. Place your cursor over any dead pixel and mark by clicking your mouse. When you finish, just save and close out the utility.

Please note, the pixel fix does not fix pixels in the camera during capture. Instead, it fixes pixels during export of your footage. This may seem counter intuitive but it is really the better way to handle the problem. Let's say that you captured footage for a week and then, upon viewing your footage later, you noticed dead pixels throughout the footage. If you then fix the pixels in the camera, all the footage would have to be recaptured. But, by fixing the dead pixels during export, all you need to do is mark the dead pixels in the Pixel Fix utility then re-export your footage without the need to recapture. Also, as your camera ages and potentially develops more dead pixels, you can simply add to the dead pixel map when necessary.