Retro Instructions and Software Page

Due to the ripple effects of the pandemic on the size of our staff, as well as recent unauthorized downloading and duplication of software and materials related to our product line, all customer support, software and instruction links are now provided only to customers who have received their new or refurbished unit shipped to them directly from MovieStuff. If you have purchased a second hand unit, please see the notation below.

If you are a MovieStuff customer and need
access to support, instructions, and/or software, please email us with the following information:

The customer name it was ordered under.
The company name (if any).
The specific unit(s) purchased.
The approximate date of purchase or receipt.
A photo of the equipment
(not from our website).

Once we have verified the information, we will send you
the private instructions and software links.

NOTE: If you have purchased a used unit that was shipped directly from the seller to you and not from MovieStuff, we have no way of knowing the condition of the unit. As such, we can not provide customer support nor repairs for your second hand unit. However, the seller's software key is legally transferable to you at no additional charge. If they have lost their key, or are using it with their current unit, they can purchase another key to provide you. In either case, you should look to the seller for support since you purchased from them directly and not from MovieStuff.