General Software Troubleshooting

If your software refuses to launch, it is important to remember that software does not "go bad." If it worked before, then it should work now unless something has changed on your PC or there is corruption in an operational file or a captured file. The simplest thing to do is to remove all original files from the capture folder and put them into a temporary holding folder. If the software will now launch, then it is simply a matter of copying the original files into the capture folder one at a time until the software will no longer launch. Once that happens, delete the corrupt file and proceed like normal.

If that does not do the trick, then it is possible the software, itself, has become corrupted and will need to be purged from your system and not just reinstalled. The reason is that, when software is uninstalled, there are typically still pieces of the software left behind deep inside your system. If the problem lies within those pieces of remaining code, then reinstalling won't do anything to address the problem. Therefore, a purge of the software is required to remove all remaining traces before doing a fresh install of new software. The purging process isn't hard or time consuming and is a handy way to start fresh without having to wipe your drive. Just follow the steps exactly.

Click HERE for instructions on how to purge RetroScan from your system.

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