EZ-Scan 16 Set Up

Unpack the unit but do NOT plug it in.

You will need the following:
Can of compressed air.
S-Video cable of appropriate length

If you are international and have 220VAC at 50 cycles, then you
will need a transformer that outputs 110-120VAC at 250 watts.

Make sure that all film has been cleaned and prepped.

Set camera in cradle. After you load projector
with film, slide the camera in and out to focus
the image. Do NOT turn the lens to focus.
Once focus is achieved, you can lock the
camera into position by gently tightening the screws.

Install camera cables as shown.
(S-video, supplied BNC cable and power)

Install control box cables as shown.

Plug in unit.

Turn power on.

Remove and clean pressure plate.
(do this after each roll for best results)

Note the path of the film.

Close gate by turning knob to "play".

Seat the film in the gate by turning
the motor switch on then off one time briefly.

Watch your monitor and adjust the
camera side to side by loosening the mounting screws.
Leave loose until camera is aligned then tighten securely.

Focus the image by sliding camera
and then tighted the screws.

Adjust the height of the image
by turning the wheel at the foot of the projector.
This action may require refocusing of the camera.

Start your transfer by turning on the motor.

Sound level of audio can be adjusted using
the controls on the front of the projector. Audio
is usually okay with markings in the "12 o'clock" position.

For exposure control, switch to manual.
Adjust the knob until you see the exposure you desire.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call
Roger Evans at 830-966-4664.