RetroScan-HD Export

When you click on "Export" under the player window, it will take you to this panel.
Here you choose whether you want to export as standard def (SD) or high def (HD).
Then you choose whether you want a video (movie) file or an image sequence (JPEG, etc)

Check the appropriate box if you wish to export the entire album
and also if you wish for the PC to shut down after it finishes the export.
This is handy if starting an export session at the end of the day.

Sometimes, there is debris on the image of the frame line that is not obvious until after you scan.
The "CleanCrop" feature will crop in about 10% and then resize the image perfectly.
This will get rid of nasty frame lines or unwanted hairs and dust built into the edge of the image.

"GO!" starts the export.

To return to the viewing panel, click the X.

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