Production and Delivery Time

As noted elsewhere, we do not stock any items. Everything is made to order. There is an average time of about 60 days from receipt of funds until we ship but this time period is not guaranteed and, due to the lingering effect of the pandemic on the worldwide supply chain, production time can sometimes run longer. We will work as quickly as we can to process your order but we can not guarantee specific delivery dates.

NOTE: If you are running a business, please do not accept orders that depend on this equipment until it is in your possession and it has been set up, running, and you are versed in how to use it properly. We are not responsible for lost revenue or other loss due to delays in delivery of your order nor use of this equipment. If you decide you do not want your unit after you have ordered, it is your responsibility to find a buyer for it and we will be happy to ship your unit to that person. But we will not take the incoming funds from our next customer and give them to you because you changed your mind about the purchase.

Everything is shipped insured with signature required, no exceptions.
Please do not ask us to leave a $5000+ piece of equipment on your front porch. :)

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