About the Universal Mark-II Scanner

For higher volume shops, the Mark-II series is much more user friendly than the original Universal (now called the Mark-I).

On the Mark-I, film had to be un-threaded for rewinding. Also, the take up reel had to be loosened to facilitate rewind operation. There was no viewing of the image during rewind, and still frame viewing required a number of extra step on both the unit and the software. The Mark-II series is designed for rapid operation. The transport has new electronic clutches on both the source and take up motors with constant image view in both forward and reverse modes. Still frame viewing is automatically activated when the unit is in the stop position. Film can be rewound through the gate or directly between both reels for no roller contact. The Mark-II also has a new ultra smooth tension system for the film that no longer relies on the source motor gearing. The built in LightPin sprocket hole sensor provides excellent, steady registration on all film types, including clear edge film. Unlike the Mark-I, the Mark-II requires no sensor calibration for different film densities, and the LightPin sensor is easily dialed into position over the target sprocket hole via a precision knob near the gate. The ability to adjust the physical position of the sensor relative to the sprocket holes is very handy when dealing with old double perf film like 16mm that has damaged sprocket holes on one edge as the LightPin sensor can simply be moved to the good sprocket holes on the other edge of the film! The light source distance from the backlight diffuser is adjustable to better control contrast and now has direct fan cooling which allows the light to run a bit brighter than before. Separate motion sensors on the film means a constant running speed without motor fluctuations common to the Mark-I. They also allow for instant cut off in the unlikely event of film jam, end or breakage.
Screw in film guides are cheaper than the gates required for the Mark-I and faster to change when dealing with different formats.

The Universal Mark-II represents the latest generation of desktop scanners from MovieStuff. The basic Mark-II will handle all smaller gauge formats of regular 8 through 17.5mm film. As it comes, the basic Mark-II can scan 16mm in full 2K and all smaller formats in HD by way of an electronic zoom that changes the area of interest on the camera sensor. This push button cropping means that the extension tube never has to be changed for all formats 16mm and under if your only goal is 2K quality for 16mm or HD/SD quality for 16mm, 9.5mm and R8/S8 film. This is very practical as most small shops are only delivering HD and SD files of home movies. (Full 2K in all formats can be achieved by adding the Z-Axis Kit.) It has a 600 foot reel capacity which is practical for most small shops as virtually all 8mm and 16mm home movie formats were limited to 400 foot reels as that was the size the old Brownie projectors used. The 600 foot size accommodates the occasional oversized Super 8 reel made popular by both Elmo and Eumig sound projectors. If you add the Z-Axis kit, the basic Mark-II can also handle large format film like 28mm or 35mm as long as it is on reels no larger than 8.5" across or 600 feet. This may seem pretty small for 35mm but is ideal for archives that have a vast library of news reels or collectors of movie trailers that are all on small cores and have no need for large reel capacity. The basic Mark-II can be expanded by purchasing the Extension Kit which effectively makes the Mark-II into a Mark-II ES. And, of course, the Mark-II ES can be expanded to a full Mark-II CS for handing 28mm and 35mm film by adding the Large Format Kit. In short, the Mark-II series is expandable to grow as your scanning needs grow.

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