RetroScan-HD Universal Software Page
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If you need to purchase the RetroScan-HD Universal
software registration BIN key, please click HERE.

When you purchase, make sure that you type in your first and last name when asked.
By email you will receive a registration BIN key that is used to activate
any of the versions of the RetroScan-HD Universal software on this page.

How to install this software. Please read carefully.

1- Save the BIN key to your PC in a place that is easy to locate later, such as your desktop.
2- Download the software from the links below.
3- When you install the RetroScan-HD Universal software, it will ask you to browse to the BIN key and click it with your mouse.
4- Once it is clicked, the key information will automatically log itself into your PC so you don't have to manually type it in.

Future installations of the software will not require you to do anything else as long as you keep this key
available on your PC. So make sure that you save it someplace easy to find!

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at or call us at 830-966-4664.

(These downloads are free to MovieStuff customers but you must purchase a BIN key to activate. See above.)

  The following software will work for both the original HD RetroScan Universal
as well as the new 2K RetroScan Universal. It will NOT work with the Retro-8 series.

To print out a PDF version of the instructions, please click HERE.

RetroScan Universal 2K Version 4.0.10
(This is a large file at approximately 470 megs. Please allow ample download time)
- Updated 7-9-2018 -

Changes and additions:

ADDED: The ability to export 4:3 and 16:9 1080 and 720 from a 4:3 2K capture.
This ability was already there from a 1080 capture but was accidentally left
out for exports from 2K captures. Duh. Sorry.

The software would be unstable if you had the "2K Camera" box
checked on the settings panel but were using the standard HD camera.
A prompt now lets the user know if they have the incorrect camera selected.