A note about the cameras, light, sound and software products....
It should be noted that we will not sell a Universal without a camera under any circumstance. While it is certainly possible (and permitted) to put your own camera on the Universal (if you know how), we must have a way to verify correct working order of the unit in case you have any issues. That would be impossible if we did not include a camera that we know works with the Universal reliably. There are no exceptions to this policy so please do not ask. Also, you can not purchase the 2K camera upgrade kit unless you also purchase the UltraLite Kit - or - unless your Universal already has the UltraLite built into it. The reason is that the new 2K camera has a larger sensor and requires more light due to the longer extension tube lengths. The 2K camera simply will not perform correctly without the new UltraLite source. So please take into account the cost of the UltraLite kit when considering replacing your existing stock HD camera with the new 2K camera. The new RetroSync Studio Sound Module is available to anyone that has a true frame by frame scanner of any make or model. If your scanner is a modified real time projector with a shutter blade assembly, the RetroSync Module will not work for you because your scans are not frame accurate. And, finally, any customer that already owns a Universal and has paid for a copy of the Universal-HD software can get the new Universal 2K software (still $199.95) at no additional charge. The new RetroSync software is sold separately, however, and is priced at $80. See the instructions/software link on the home page. As always, the software for the MovieStuff units is not made nor sold by MovieStuff, LLC. When you receive your unit, there will be a link in the instructions where you can purchase the required software. It is an instant download.

MovieStuff Product Pricing
(all prices U.S.D.)

- Universal -
$5200 for RetroScan Universal with HD camera, UltraLite, and one gate of your choice.

$4500 for RetroScan Universal with HD camera, UltraLite, and no gate.*

$5750 for RetroScan Universal with 2K camera, UltraLite, and one gate of your choice.

$5250 for RetroScan Universal with 2K camera, UltraLite and no gate.*

*Only available to customers with two or more RetroScan Universal gates.
Software ($199.95) sold separately.

- Gates -
$650 for each additional gate if purchased with unit.
$850 for each additional gate if purchased later.**

**Only available to customers that already own RetroScan Universal units.
NOTE: All gates now have the new UV-Point Sensors as standard issue.

- 2K Camera Kit -

$750 for camera with all cables and required lens accessories.***

*** Requires UltraLite Kit (unless already installed).

- UltraLite Kit -

$650 for kit, complete with cables and remote ports for still frame focusing.
Comes with new diffuser assembly and UV-Point Sensors for your existing gate.

- RetroSync Studio Sound Module -

$650 for module with all necessary cables for audio outputs
including mini-pin, RCA and 1/4" audio plug. Software ($80) sold separately.

All prices are in U.S dollars.
Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax.

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