MovieStuff Terms of Sale

We do not stock items.  If we DID stock units then carrying costs, increased storage space, and the overhead associated with keeping inventory based on speculative future sales would mean a substantially higher price for good customers like you. Therefore, when you order, you are actually contracting with us to custom build you a unit on demand and all available funds that you provide are immediately 100% committed to that effort.

In short, all sales are final so please do not purchase unless you can afford it.

If this seems extreme, please consider that, if we did accept returns, word would quickly get around the internet and, in no time, we'd have a constant stream of people buying units, transferring all their home movies, and then returning the units for a refund when they're finished. That's bad for my business and your business, too. As such your funds, whether in part or in full, are non-returnable under any condition nor do we take returns. There are no cancellations allowed and there are no refunds provided under any circumstance except non-delivery. However, "delayed delivery" should not be confused with "non-delivery" and delayed delivery is not a valid reason to cancel an order. Attempted credit card charge backs to force a cancellation will be viewed the same as an insufficient check and MovieStuff, LLC reserves the right to re-charge the card used under same conditions but forfeit of any discount pricing and current position in the production schedule.

NOTE TO BUSINESS OWNERS: Times are tough for everyone in this business and it's understandable that, sometimes, you have to be creative in how you handle expenditures for new equipment. However, as tempting as it may be, please do not accept orders or schedule projects that depend on this equipment until it is in your possession and it has been set up, running, and you are versed in how to use it properly. We are not responsible for lost revenue or other loss due to delays in delivery of your order nor use of this equipment. If you decide you do not want your unit after you have ordered, or find it no longer affordable, it is your responsibility to find a buyer for it and we will be happy to ship your unit to that person. But we will not take the incoming funds from our next customer and give them to you because you changed your mind about the purchase.

Obviously, we both want to make sure that this unit is the right one for you before you commit to a purchase so please ask as many questions as you wish and I will do my best to satisfy your concerns.

Thanks in advance for considering our product for your valuable film scanning needs. I am sure you will be pleased.

              Roger Evans,
              owner, MovieStuff, LLC

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