Forms of Payment
For orders in the USA, we accept personal checks, company checks, cashiers checks, or credit cards.
We do not accept checks drawn on credit card accounts nor PayPal e-checks.

For international orders, we accept credit cards, or wire transfer only.

How to Make Payment
Please follow the steps below precisely and in the order shown.

-By Credit Card-
(USA or International)

1) Please click HERE to print a credit card information sheet and fill it out neatly.

2) ALSO print, fill out and sign the order form indicating Credit Card as form of payment. You can also call in your credit card information, if preferred. In either case, we will not process your credit card until we have a signed order form. We will properly dispose of all credit card information after processing your order.

Scan and email a JPEG or PDF of both forms to

4) Let your credit card provider know about the pending charge. Due to heightened security and the high amount involved, it is likely your credit card provider will reject the charge if they do not know that it is coming. If we try it twice and is declined both times, there is a possibility your card will get locked. So please let your credit card provider know about the pending charge.

-By Personal Check, Company Check or Cashier's Check-
(USA only)

1) Make check payable to "MovieStuff, LLC".

2) Include a copy of the order form with your payment and send to:

MovieStuff, LLC
19621 FM 1431 - #100
Jonestown, Texas 78645-4785

(Please do not send order form separately from payment)


-By Wire Transfer-
(International Only)

1) Email us at and ask for wire transfer account information.

2) Send wire transfer payment.

3) Complete your order form indicating wire transfer and date it was sent.

4) Scan and email a JPEG or PDF of the order form to
FAX your order form to 830-966-4665

(Please do not send order form until after you send payment.)

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