MovieStuff LightPin Gate Upgrade Order Info

The normal price per gate is $1500 plus $80 domestic shipping and $150 international shipping. For a limited time, the price is $1200 per individual gate if only sending us one and $1100 per gate if you are sending two and $1000 per gate if sending us 3 or more. Worldwide shipping is included in all three prices.

To get your gate(s) upgraded, you do not send us your gates right now as it takes us about 30 days to get the components together for your upgrade. To get the process started, please follow these steps:



First, you must first fill out this form:

Indicate next to each gate how many you will be sending to us and then also check or initial the line that says "I would like to have all my gates upgraded to the LightPin sensor."

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST indicate how many of each gate you will ultimately be sending us. If you do not mark your form, we will have no way to know how many upgrade kits to prepare for you. We are processing a high volume of orders and we will not stop to call you to find out as we don't have the manpower to chase down this basic information. So it is your responsibility to complete the order form to prevent delays.

If you currently have a Universal on order and wish to upgrade your gates, please write "UPGRADE CURRENT UNIVERSAL ORDER" at the top of the form. Depending on how soon your Universal was to ship, this upgrade may or may not delay shipping of your unit.



Send the completed order form and payment to us.

If paying with a check, just include the check payable to MovieStuff, LLC with the order form. Our address is

MovieStuff, LLC
271 Main Street
Utopia, Texas 78884

If you are going to pay with a credit card, please also use this form:

Please return both forms to this email address as PDFs or JPGs.

Send your security code in a separate email, if you prefer, or call Sugar at 830-966-4664 and give her your CC information over the phone.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your credit card provider knows about the pending charge or today's heightened security measures will likely make the charge decline.

If you wish to pay with PayPal, our PayPal email is

We also have a wire transfer account for international customers, if you prefer, but we do not provide that account information until you are ready to purchase.



Once we have your components ready, we will contact you and let you know. At that point, you will let us know when you are going to send in your gate(s) for modification, which will take about 48 hours after we receive your gates. Then we will ship them back to you. Domestic return shipping is ground and international is economy. If you need a faster shipping method, we will need to quote that additional charge on a per destination basis.


The converted gate will work with any Universal unit and no modification to your Universal is required.

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