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NOTE: We are down to only a few components at
our discount price. If you've considered a Universal, act now!
- Our regular price will be going up very shortly. -
Limited time offer! Get the Universal with the gate of your choice
for only $3995.00 and reduced shipping! Add a second gate to your
order or existing Universal unit for only $500 while supplies last!

Click HERE to order!

 Call us today at 830-966-4664.

Click HERE for more information on the Universal!

Available gates are currently Dual 8, 9.5mm, 16mm and Slides

NEW! The Universal can now transfer 16mm optical soundtrack!
Got a Universal with a 16mm gate and need audio? Click HERE!

The RetroScan Universal is normally priced as follows:
$4500 for RetroScan Universal with one gate of your choice.
$3800 for the RetroScan Universal base without a gate.*
$700 for each additional gate if purchased later.**

Click HERE to order!

*Only available to customers with two or more RetroScan Universal gates.
**Only available to customers that already own RetroScan Universal units.

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