Allowed Applications of the Product

All MovieStuff Equipment: This unit(s) can be used without further consideration for all private or commercial film transfers by the buyer. Renting or lending this unit to others that results in constant relocation of the equipment or excessive wear will void the warranty. Replacement of the camera with another make or model will not void the warranty except in the event of damage to the MovieStuff equipment as a results of camera replacement. See warranty.

RetroScan Software: The RetroScan software is a product of Alternaware and is not produced nor sold by MovieStuff, LLC. The RetroScan software can be used without further consideration for all private or commercial film transfers by the owner. However, buyer agrees not to sell, copy or distribute the software to others. Buyer agrees not to share, or allow to be shared, the buyer's registration activation key for the software with others. The license key is not transferable to another individual or company. Each PC being used with the scanner requires a separate software purchase. If buyer requires multiple copies of the software, please contact Jeff Dodson at Alternaware about the possibility of a discounted, multi-licensing agreement.

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